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16 Dec 2015


Mary Reynolds Thompson, Authour of Reclaiming the Wild Soul, welcomes creatives, Earth-lovers, and spiritual seekers. If you yearn for a deeper, more connected, and creative life, your Wild Soul Story is a map unlike any other. Rooted in wild language–– leafy, rich, raw–– it is set to guide you to the heart of your aliveness. No one Wild Soul Story is like any other.  To all of us, however, it bridges the false divide between inner and outer nature, Earth and Soul.

Living this story, we come fully alive. We embrace a sense of self that is connected to the Earth and to our own true nature.


William Henry Searle, PhD., born in Dorset, UK, is a writer, poet, and environmental philosopher. He grew up in Barton-on-Sea, where his abiding love and fascination for the natural world took root. His first book, Lungs of My Earth: A Personal Ecology, is published by Hiraeth Press. In his Wild Soul Story, William shares his joy of growing up in Barton-on-Sea, exploring by himself, and feeling as at home by the sea and cliffs and streams as he did around the kitchen table with his family. Becton Bunny, his particular favorite beach, is still to him a “little heaven.”


15 Oct 2015


Future Primitive is a podcasting website that presents intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators from around the world. Listen to this community of voices who speak about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.
The Splendor of Every Breath - an interview with William Henry Searle
In this week’s episode, William Searle speaks with Joanna about: a personal ecology; the body-Earth relationship; a pilgrimage to sacred mountains in Japan; the ineffable, here and now; waking up together to the sacredness of Nature; the opening of the heart and the temple of everyday existence; an ecstatic experience in the mountains of Snowdonia; “living one sense at a time, all the way through”.
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